This place is a qaste of time. I learned more on my own than i did in their classes.

And they never once tried to help me find a job though they still call every 3 monthes to see if i have job in the industry yet. And though i have been gainfully employeed ever since i left there I'm not going to tell them that since they did absolutely nothing to help me.

If you go here you'll learn nothing from and end up paying 11 grand to 1 thouosand dollars worth of tests. They also go through teachers faster than students.

In fact, my first teacher who was going to train me for my A+ and Network+ certification didn't have either of them himself! Either buy the books and do it yourself like I now do or go to a rwal school because i haven't met anyone that has gone to one of these 6 month trainings and had a good experience and I have met a lot of people that have gone that way.

Review about: Computer Systems Institute Classes.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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There ratings aren't good it is a two star . idk wheather to go and risk it . I need more advice .

Chicago, Illinois, United States #855477

Hello. I am contacting you regarding your post above about Computer Systems Institute (CSI).

I work with attorneys who are engaged in a lawsuit against CSI.

As part of our investigation, we would like to talk to students who have attended/are attending CSI as well as former employees of CSI. If you are willing to speak with us about your experience, please send your name and phone number to caseinfo@lawmbg.com and we will contact you.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #608281

Its intresting for you to feel that way but looking at your grammar it shows me you did equally as bad in grammar shool and in high school as well. They`re trainning me in it now and its a positive enviornment and they`ve been attentive to my and my surrounding students needs so I (which should be capital letters) :) :) :grin say this to you look at what you can do for yourself and stop thinking you need a mother or father figure to hold your hand through life its called accountability... and I just started this school.

to Emanuel Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #623771

"Its intresting for you to feel that way but looking at your grammar it shows me you did equally as bad in grammar shool" That's ironic coming from someone who can barely spell! Wait until after you graduate and try to find work, and THEN you can judge whether this school's a waste of time!

I graduated 2 yrs ago and am still unemployed because they wouldn't provide an internship (which you NEED in the medical billing/coding field!) OR the proper credentials! Now I have $10k in student loans that I have to pay back with no means of doing so...

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