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Im a mother of 5 with a debt of almost 15,000. I was lied to from the start.

This College told me as soon as I graduated they would help with placing me with a job better yet a Career. I graduated with a gpa of 3.8. Its sad because my CMA and other Certification has expired and i never got to use them. I feel someone should be in trouble for false advertisement.

We did what we were told to as Students so why cant the Facility do what they promise us. Please can someone reach out to us.

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It's your responsibility to keep your certification up to date. I still keep my CDL class A license active even though I no longer drive.

It's MY responsibility to make sure I keep everything up to date if I want to drive in the future.

We also have a responsibility ourselves to seek employment if we really want it. We can't depend on others to always do it for us, even if they tell us they will help us with job placement ~

Sorry you wasted all that valuable time and money, that's a very hard lesson learned ~

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